Commission / Benifit Summary

Some of us dream of paying our bills and EMI’s each month without the burden and worry of whether there will be enough. Others may have visions of helping family members or even helping their communities in meaningful ways. And of course, at one time or another, each of us has dreamt of a restful vacation with those we love, cherishing the happiness that comes when we are stress-free. These are not just dreams; they can become reality with hard work put into the right business. Bizzzwizzz compensation plan can help you achieve these dreams and more.

Commission/Benefit Type What is the Requirement What you Get/Achieve
Direct Referral Commission Refer Bizzzwizzz services to someone directly through your ID 5% commission of sales
Auto renewal of next year Refer and generate 5 times sale of your package through your ID Your package will be auto renewed for next one year with the same services
Weekly Income - Step Commission Help and built your organisation Earn commission on the turnover generated by your organisation under you


Only those people will be eligible for above commission/benefit if they are having active account.

Account will be deemed to be active if a successful purchase transaction has been made with the Company.

Commission scheme or renewal benefit will not be available on below:

  • Oncall Income Tax or GST consultancy packages
  • Other Service where rates can be decided after discussion only
  • Upgrade of any existing standard packages by someone under you

In case of Refund, no commission or allied benefits will be given. If already paid then it will be recovered.

Direct Referral Commission

Sl. No. Package Amount (₹) 10% Direct Referral Commission (₹)
1. Bronze Business 2,000 + Service Tax 200
2. Silver Business 4,000 + Service Tax 400
3. Gold Business 6,000 + Service Tax 600
4. Diamond Business 20,000 + Service Tax 2000
5. Bronze Service 2,000 + Service Tax 200
6. Silver Service 2,500 + Service Tax 250
7. Gold Service 3,500 + Service Tax 350

Auto renewal of next year

Refer and generate 5 times sale of your package directly through your ID and get your package auto renewed for next year with the same services.

For Example :

You have purchased a package of Silver Business (₹ 4,000)

Now you need to refer and generate business of ₹ 20,000 (5 times of your package).

It can be combination of any one of following:

Refer 5 Package of ₹ 4,000

Refer 2 Package of ₹ 6,000 and 2 Package of ₹ 4,000

Refer only 1 Package of ₹ 20,000

Any combination which can sum up total sale of ₹ 20,000 or above.

Once you have generated sale of ₹ 20,000 or above through your ID, your existing package will be auto renewed for next year with the same services.


For the purpose of auto renewal, company will check that what package you are having on the expiry date of your package, and if total business through your ID is equals to or more than 5 times of your package amount, your package will be auto renewed with in 7 working days from the date of expiry of your package with same benefits for next year.

Weekly Income - Step Commission

Eligibility for Weekly Income: Fulfil below 2 conditions to become eligible for weekly step commission:

1. Refer and generate sale of any one package on your left and one on your right through your ID

2. Build your team/organisation to earn weekly income

Every package has some BV (Business Volume) and weekly income cap as per below details:

Sl. No. Package Amount (₹) BV Weekly cap (₹)
1. Bronze Business 2,000 2.00 10,000
2. Silver Business 4,000 4.00 20,000
3. Gold Business 6,000 6.00 30,000
4. Diamond Business 20,000 20.00 1,00,000
5. Bronze Service 2,000 2.00 10,000
6. Silver Service 2,500 2.50 12,500
7. Gold Service 3,500 3.50 17,500


For every matching BV, you will get paid ₹ 50 i.e. 5% on matching sale.

Weekly capping on earning:

  • In case of first purchase: Capping will be decided on your first purchase and will not be increased due to upgrade or subsequent purchases during the tenure of package.
  • In case of renewal : In case of paid renewal, cap amount will be decided on the basis of amount of package on which renewal has been done. In case of auto renewal, cap will be decided on the amount at which package was auto renewed.